Geological Assistance

Geological assistance in Core Logging, Face Grading, QAQC and field mapping. Working with drill planning and coordinating several drill rigs.

Aerial Surveys

Surveys from the air can help us to interpret landscapes and give us the possibility to obtain a high amount of data in a short time. A photo or video shot from above could give an new and refreshed look. Photogrammetric reconstruction can be useful for the creation of small scale 3d printed models.

CAD Drafting

Assistance in technical drafting for either lasercuttings, cnc turntables and 3D printing. Need a specific solution to solve an all time problem? A simple part can help, with a technical drawing in hand, any manufacturing company can build this for you.

About me

An enthusiastic geologist and engineer who is currently looking for some new opportunities. In my daily life a computer nerd, always looking for improvements with programs used in engineering and geology, which from time to time can lead to some innovative approaches. I enjoy a very active life with hiking outside and seeking new ways to explorer the Earth. This by scuba diving, climbing or mountain biking. On this website you’ll find my professional interest and some projects which I enjoyed.

Personal characterstics

Down to Earth, honest, positive, social, always willing to assist, enjoy outdoor sports, scuba diving and drone flying.

Professional characteristics

Research and develpment in mechanical engineering and geology; exploring new possibilities; likes to be challenged; enjoys working in teams; strong analytical skills.


Tara Mines largest lead and zinc mine in europe. Working with mine geology in underground face grading and core logging. Mineral estimation and lithological indentification. Mine Geology

Face grading & core loggin, Boliden Tara Mines

Drafting new products for the food industry in 3D design sotfware. Encompassing 3D lasercutting and 3D printing techniques. Technical Drafting Department

Drafting & product promotion, Rohtech

Assistance with a handbook for creating learning nuggets, creating 1D, 2D and 3D synthetic signals, create a fossil exhibition app for the iPad. Thereby creating a better understanding of geological features with latest visualization techniques and exercises. Project & Technology Rijswijk

Geological promotion and education , Shell

Mapping and petrophysical sampling project in Albania. Acquire petrophysical samples at specific locations in the Kruja zone, The Sazani zone and the Ionian Basin. This data presents a total succession from carbonate platform to turbiditic deep basin deposition. Geological Department

Mapping & sample collection, KFUPM